Day 164 – Extraterrestrial UFO landing site

2009/02/21 § Leave a comment

Extraterrestrial UFO landing site in Peru

Extraterrestrial UFO landing site in Peru

After we had an extra day at our disposal alter being ripped of by a tour operator, we decided to go to the Inca ruins at Moray, near Cusco. The trip in the local bus was an adventure in itself. People in Peru seem not ever to be taller than 1.60 meters it seems. But nevertheless, the trip was very atmospheric (whatever that means?). The landscape around here is fantastic, with the rolling hills, sprinkled with flowers, the snow-capped Andes as a backdrop…

Moray itself was fascinating. The Moray ruins are comprised of several huge structures whose purpose is still disputed. There are several enormous terraced circular depressions that were perhaps used to study the effects of different climatic conditions on crops. The depth of the pits (the largest is about 30 m deep) creates a temperature gradient of as much as 15° C between the top and the bottom.

As with many other Inca sites, it also has a very sophisticated irrigation system for providing the plants with water. Hence it has been suggested that the terraces were used to slowly acclimatize plants the Incas had taken from the rain forests in order to use them agriculturally. A fascinating idea, the Moray structures would therefore have been a gigantic agricultural laboratory to experiment with plants.

No I am joking, haha; it really was a landing site for extraterrestrials! Obviously… 😉


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