Day 163 – Quechuas expeditions in Cusco are no good

2009/02/20 § 1 Comment

Another attempt to book the perfect tour, another failure. I start to remember why I used to stay away from organized tours. However, in Cusco you are almost forced to take one as the restrictions are large to do things alone. In terms of protecting the ancient ruins it makes sense, in terms of finances and quality it does not always.

We booked a tour with a company called Quechuas expeditions, called the Salakantay trek to machupicchu. When we came to the briefing the evening before the tour was supposed to start they told us that two people had canceled and therefore they would not do the tour. Obviously they thought they could not make enough money with it that way, despite the fact that there information promises tours to take place when two people book (which we were). Quechuas expeditions therefore decided to cancel our tour entirely. More than just inconvenient for us. I might now skip this trek altogether.

Details are too boring to be mentioned here. But just be warned if you attempt to book a tour in Cusco. For most operators it merely is a quick way to make money. Ask around, if you can talk to people who just took a tour. Get a detailed contract, even if it feels weired, it pays off if there is any problem. Get them to write down exactly what the tour includes and what not. We did all that, but as I learned now, also make sure that you know what happens in case of cancellation from their side.

In the worst case there is a tourist office helping out with issues like this one. We got our money back and a asked for a small financial compensation which we got. However, there may be more possibilities if you ask the tourist office. We are too much in a rush unfortunately and hence decided to book another operator.

My advice: stay away at least from Quechuas expeditions in Cusco! 😉


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  • Quechuas Expeditions says:

    we had many customers that they did their trip with and most of them were organized by Quechuas Expeditions ( in a small groups) and they never got a problem with us.and We are committed to departing with 02 of you on this trek – we will never pass you onto another operator! We are the sole operators of all our treks!
    check out by clicking here what all our clients say about us. (EDIT: no links for commercial reasons allowed)

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