Day 163 – Nut Bush´s limits

2009/02/19 § Leave a comment

“W” is not an entirely new movie anymore and were it not for the fact that Oliver Stone has directed it it may have gotten even less attention than it got. However, I am not aware of any presidency before George W. Bush´s that was reflected in a movie right at its end. But sure this president has been something special. And the world he created is a special one for sure.

Plenty of “firsts” fall into Bush´s presidency, like the first time a massive terrorist attack was carried out on the US. The first time a president so blatantly lied to his people in order to go into a war for personal and economical reasons. And probably the first time a president so openly supported torture carried out by the official USA.

The movie on the other hand does deliver a sensitive character study, making us almost feel sympathetic, maybe even sorry with W. The alcoholic who never gets taken seriously by his family. The struggling heir of the family dynasty who seeks refuge in religion. And the W who comes out on top just to end up as the worst president of the USA in history.

While I enjoyed this approach, that at times walks on a narrow path between sarcasm and documentary, I missed a clearer statement about the fallacies of W´s presidency. Certainly Stone intended a somewhat balanced movie. He has managed it, which is proven by the fact that Bush haters as well as supporters (they do still exist, bizarrely enough) disliked the movie. However, I was missing many details that would have given a stronger statement about the failures of this president.

Stone wanted to concentrate on the Iraq war and therefore left out W´s commitment to only support the rich and to entirely ignore the worlds pressing environmental issues. But even so, Stone in my eyes neglects to put more emphasize on the many death in Iraq, the use of torture, the ignorance with which the US treated its allies, the imperialism and totalitarianism that developed under Bush.

All in all this movie makes most sense for highly informed individuals rather than Fox news watchers. People who need not be told what a nut-case Bush is and how bad his decisions were, leading to a more dangerous world than probably ever before. A world which lost eight years in which it could not address some of its most urgent and pressing problems. A world more segregated and in deep economical crisis due to a reckless, mindless and egoistic capitalism. A world so in need of a savior that they believe and hope one man alone- namely Barack Obama- could solve the problems we face. From one extreme to another in my eyes…

However, I like the movie “W” because it does leave one with the feeling that you want to cry with Bush’s failure rather than hate him for them. Maybe the movie’s conclusion is not so far off from the reality- at least I want to believe it- by suggesting that W tried to do good. That he failed due to his own incompetence, his idiotic faith in a higher force and the fact that he was surrounded by individuals with bad intentions who want a new world order that only benefits the USA and there only the rich.

However, it leaves you with the frustrating feeling that as long as little groups of individuals execute this amount of power, as they do as presidency of the USA, as long as the average Joe watches fox news rather than get some genuine info, thereby enabling the outrageous decisions of these small groups of people, and as long as nationalistic interests come first on a scale so gigantic that they risk the very existence of the human species there is not much hope to make the world a better place.

I do think that Stone’s message is: W is not at fault. We all are.


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