Day 162 – Fiesta del fight

2009/02/18 § Leave a comment

The place where we stay is in a neighborhood of Cusco called San Blas. Every now and then the people living in a neighborhood think they must have a party and so they build a stage in front of the neighborhood church, launch fireworks rockets and crackers and start to sell beer. While a dance ensues to local tunes people gobble down the one-point-one liter bottles of beer.

We had plenty of fun mingling amongst the locals and observing their dance in the occasional heavy rains over Cusco. There were typical fast-food stands which allowed us to try barbecued Llama meat (extremely tasty!) and burgers Peruvian style. The band played more erratically to keep people dancing despite the rain, but by now they all had loaded themselves with enough booze to be painless anyway.

All of a sudden someone had a bleeding lip and hectic broke out. Negotiations here and there, loud and fast talking, gesturing and occasional jelling and a general confusion. Women and men alike trying either to resolve an issue or fuel the conflict even further. After a while some disappear by taxi and the situation seems resolved.

Just a while later, we were amused meanwhile by the fact that these scenes were so foreign to us, someone took the chance to start a new mass-confusion. One man got a full bottle of beer hit over his head and dropped unconscious within a trove of people. Some jelling ensued again for a while until we decided that it was time to call it a night, despite the high-class entertainment.

We wondered if this amount of drama was the normal ingredient of a Peruvian party, but in any case this crowd had a hard time handling their beers… 😉


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