Day 160 – Reliability of Argentinian mail service – NOT!

2009/02/16 § Leave a comment

It is an amazing fact that a registered letter I have send from Argentina to England has not arrived at all after more than two months. When trying to investigate about it it turned out to be a complete nuisance to find out anything. Registered in Argentina does not seem to mean the same as in Europe. Furthermore does it not seem to mean that just because you pay for a letter to be send they will do it. I guess it is optional.

In Chile I send a letter to Argentina, and get this: from the capitol of Chile to the Capitol of Argentina, which are a one day bus ride distance from each other, a letter takes two weeks to be delivered! Incredible, since walking the distance would probably be faster. We are of course talking “express” delivery here. Don´t ask me how that is possible, I am sure there is no good answer to this conundrum.

I have now also send a letter from Chile to England, but that has been done two weeks ago and I am far from certain it will arrive. I keep you posted. Until then refrain from sending important mail from South-America.

It is probably more reliable to just give the letter to someone who heads roughly in the direction and hope that it arrives that way. This experiment has been performed before and was rather successful, well anyway more successful than the Argentinian mail…


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