Day 160 – The raped city of Cusco

2009/02/15 § Leave a comment

Cusco alleyThe city of Cusco was a capitol for the Incas and the center of their society latest in 1438. In 1533 the Spanish arrived at Cusco and were absolutely astonished about the fact that the city was more beautiful than any city they had known of in Europe. The reports say that the stonework of the Inca buildings surpassed anything the Spanish had ever build and that for religious purposes the buildings were ornamented with jewelry and gold. The Spanish- as always before- lost no time in killing the inhabitants who resisted and plundered, burned down and wrecked everything that was the basis of this once proud city.

Nowadays Cusco is pretty as well. Very pretty indeed. Unfortunately the fine work of the Incas has been replaced by the more familiar Spanish architecture. However, the old town of Cusco is a fine assembly of churches, temples, cathedrals and plazas all embedded in the beautiful valley of Cusco with its tiny alleys and steep staircases, climbing up the hills.

Sure Cusco is touristic any day of the year but we are lucky to be here in off-season. The downside obviously being that the daily rains are a constant companion. Hans-Christian from Norway and I are thinking of going to Machu Picchu. Fortunately the Spanish had no clue of the existence of this place which is probably the only reason it still exists in all its splendor.


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