The peruvian donkey

2009/02/14 § 2 Comments

The donkey is a mysterious animal. In the last couple of days I have been observing donkeys many times. When it was raining and hailing like there were no tomorrow the sheep, who were covered with a white layer of hail, had begun taking cover and the dogs were hiding away, while the donkey was standing there seemingly without even taking notice. The donkey seems to be a creature not affected by its surrounding, which sometimes is mistaken as stubbornness. The truth is, a donkey has no drive on its own. It is not stubborn it just can´t be bothered. Contrary to its cousin the horse, who takes any opportunity to eat when left alone, the donkey even seems to do this life supporting and necessary activity reluctantly. It seems for a donkey is “in the zone” constantly. It seems as if the donkey is the most “zen” animal of them all. Hail the donkey!


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§ 2 Responses to The peruvian donkey

  • Bill Tennessee says:

    A superior gated mule is produced by breeding a peruvian jack ass to a Tennessee Walking mare of high quality.So I understand by reading. I have no actual experience with either animal.It seems the peruvian donkey has an ambling gate or walk that is comfortable to the rider.That combined with the walking horse produces an exceptional animal for trail riding.They are quite valuable.

  • […] Oh yeah! So remember not to accelerate your car when you see that grey speck in the distance standing in the middle of the road. Believe me, these morons won’t run out of your path. […]

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