Day 159 – Carneval in Puno

2009/02/13 § Leave a comment

Carneval dancerThe bustling little town of Puno right by the Titicaca lake has one major fiesta per year, the fiesta de la Candelaria. It is a pre-carneval with a sheer unbelievable amount of dancers, music-bands and costumed groups. The general motto is for women to dress in glittering dresses and for men to dress as apes or some kind of monster. I had met two guys on the bus from the Isla del sol (which I decided to skip due to the heavy rains that day) to Puno in Peru; Matt from England and Hans-Christian from Norway. After a tasty dinner with fish fresh from the titcaca lake we celebrated with the locals all night long.

Surprisingly we were amongst just very few foreigners taking part in this huge celebration. In the end, when everyone gathered after the parades ended, in the early morning ours, we did not see anybody looking non Peruvian. Very nice indeed to get a full load of genuine Peruvian culture, with all its pan-pipe music, Latin-American temperament and loads of the traditional Peruvian drink, the cerveza.

I am more than glad I skipped the Isla del sol, even though the area around the titicaca is just completely wonderful. A deep blue gigantic lake, framed by a mix of green plains which are broken by the brown of massive looking rocks and sprinkled by a rainbow of colors produced by the large variety of flowers which blossom this time of the year. It sure has been a pleasant introduction into Peru.


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