Day 158 – The peace in La Paz

2009/02/11 § Leave a comment

La Paz is a much nicer place tan I had expected. The old town, where I stay, is packed with nice old buildings and everywhere you see women in their traditional gowns, little food stalls and a somehow relaxed atmosphere. All in all it seems that the place is rather safe and much more welcoming than I had anticipated. At least this is my impression and also what others claim.

La Paz, cathedral San FranciscoUnfortunately right now it is raining season which is why we have had some rain. But at the same time it is the first rain in a couple of month, so fair enough.

While there are plenty of things to do in terms of museums and stuff I have restricted myself to walking around and enjoying the Bolivian atmosphere. I am quite taken by the fact that it is not all that European as Argentina and Chile were. Also people look much less familiar, not just because of their clothing but also because of the diverse indigenous background they have.

Also, certainly the fact that I only pay 20 cents for a Coke and 30 cents for some baked stuff from the street does not harm either. I was warned that Bolivia is cheap, but that it is that cheap…!

Anyhow, I will not get the chance to enjoy it that much, since I am to get to Peru soon. On the other hand it is great that there are so few tourists right now. Not even the crowds of Israelis who usually frequent the country could be spotted so far… 😉


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