Day 157 – Change of colors

2009/02/10 § Leave a comment

When we (Helmut, an acquaintance of Reinhold Messner [1] and a tough mountaineer in his 60s and my humble self) left Uyuni for La Paz there was some Friday eve activity, as I already pointed out. To my surprise I have come across the tunes they played again and again. I guess that they are some Bolivian standards. Mabe because Bolivia is in a party mood it seems to me… (more below)

The bus was Bolivian standard too I guess, because just as I had been warned it was freezing cold on our over night ride. Funny enough the thing had a heater they used in the start, so that I had to sit only in T-shirt and with my trousers rolled up, still sweating, that is how hot it was. When it was time for sleeping they must have turned it off and left us to the bitter cold of the nightly dessert. Idiots…

Asi es la vidaThe gradual change from dessert to green country side was interesting to see. Bolivia sure is a geographically diverse place, even thought this time I will have to miss out on the low lands of the Amazon basin. It is clearly too wet for me right now and also the Dengue fever risk is highest right now. I guess I will have to pick up some forest vibes later- maybe in Ecuador.

Anyhow, La Paz welcomed us with rain and also all my luggage, which was stored under the bus was soaked. No problem since I had nothing that was clean anymore anyway, so it was time for laundry. The hotel was with TV and king-size bed, for a price that was welcoming too. I guess I use the chance to get some good sleep before I go back to my “dorm-standard”, with interrupted sleep and smelly fellow travelers.

Obviously there was some important vote about the constitution of the nation when we arrived [2]. But contrary to my expectation and somewhat to my disappointment there were no demonstrations with police shooting tear gas into the crowds, as I had been promised… Maybe next time…



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