Day 156 – Selecting tours in Bolivia

2009/02/09 § Leave a comment

Another vehicle problemWhen trying to select the “right” tour around the Atacama dessert in Bolivia´s south you might meet a tough task. Our tour was mostly fine and I would recommend visiting this part of the planet any day- it truly is amazing!

However, one mildly annoying part of the trip stems from the fact that it turned out that while we all booked the tour at the same place we are catered for by two separate companies. While we thought we were a group of ten, one of the drivers tried to make us do everything separately. Unfortunately some fell for it and we ended up as two groups. We did not take food together anymore, which is a shame as the guys all seemed nice enough to hang out with.

Salar de Uyuni, sun riseAnother downside was that the accommodation was not as promised twin rooms but dormitory style. In short: do avoid Pamela tours and especially Estrella tours in San Pedro de Atacama!

That being said, there is no guarantee that any of the others are better. In fact we met a group who were lucky enough to have a new vehicle but they ran out of gas. We helped them out with some liters. However, after a while they must have had to beg for more, since the distances here are unbelievably bigger than six liters of gas get you.

One thing to keep in mind in the end is: this is Bolivia. A promise is thought of as being kept in the best case scenario. Taking it with humor helps…as always… 🙂


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