Day 155 – Bolivian high plateau

2009/02/07 § Leave a comment

High plains of Bolivia´s south; Colorado salarI decided to do a desert safari with my German travel companions. On our first day we crossed over the high plains of the desert some 4800 meters above sea level. We were stunned by the vastness and the dryness of this place and yet, we saw plenty of wildlife. There is a fair amount of different types of Llamas and plenty of Flamencos in the salty lagoons. One of the most beautiful is for sure the lagoon Colorado. This reddish colored lagoon is packed with Flamencos feeding on the little organisms able to grow in the salty waters. The shores populated with Llamas who graze on the scarce vegetation. The Flamencos are fighting with the strong winds of the high plains when they change feeding spot. When the winds calm for a moment you can sense the remoteness of this spot of the world due to its complete silence.

img_3835After some bathing in the volcanic hot springs and some stops at other funny colored lagoons we had time to socialize with the bunch of nice people that make up our group of a total of ten. We chase over the sandy dunes and stony plains with our ancient four wheel Jeeps as if there were no tomorrow. It seems the lack of functioning brakes in our car has been made up for by our driver Jimmy with a plenitude of pictures of all types of Christian saints, Let´s hope they also work for a bunch of agnostics and atheists. 😉


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