Back to the future (predictions)

2009/02/06 § Leave a comment

Nostradamsus, french physician and world famous astrologer, has predicted the future, or so many believe. It is interesting how many people do fantasize that first of all it is possible to predict the future, secondly believe that Nostradamus has done so and thirdly never get around checking if there is even an ounce of truth to it.

Naturally in order to believe things like this you would have to have a very special of looking at the world and I would want to claim an unscientific way of thinking. That may make it harder to approach the question in a logic and detached manner. However, everyone irrespective of world-view can check if any of Nostradamus past predictions of the future have become true.

I have done my own little project on it as a teenager many years ago (yes, I am old now). I simply went to the local library and loaned every book they had on Nostradamus. I studied them for similarities and found that they seemed to predict entirely different things based on exactly the same sentence in Nostradamus predictions. That in itself is weird, but I just went back to the future predictions that at the point when I read them lay in the past. They had predicted events for some years after the books were published of course. Not one “prediction” was correct of these events.

Not surprisingly the books dealt with “predictions” of Nostradamus of the world wars and the like. They were amazingly precise predictions all the way until the year the book was published- spot on! However, everything that the author had predicted using Nostradamus´verses for the years to come after the book was published were mere rubbish. In many case the world ended altogether in the year 2000 or just after. That seems not to have occurred either.

If Nostradamus is the best astrologer ever, as many think, I don´t even want to have to deal with the stuff others have said…



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