You´re brainy- just use it!

2009/02/05 § Leave a comment

Brainy story:

We use only 10% of our mental capacity. Since we in fact only just utilize a meager 10% of our brain at any given time, imagine what we could do were we to find a way to utilize the remaining 90% as well? We could probably perform fantastic feats like telekinesis, thought-transmission, talking to animals, especially dolphins, maybe, who knows, we would even be able to communicate with Aliens or the dead using telepathy.

Furthermore, we would predict the near future correctly, maybe even events that lie far in the future. We would be able to pre-calculate the outcome almost any situation we encounter and would be able to become rich by foreseeing the development of stock courses, weather patterns and peoples´ lives´.

We could develop theories of everything within no time, enabling us to understand all physical events in the universe. We would be able to understand and recreate the function of life and heal all diseases. All of us would live eternally unless we would happen to have a deadly accident. Furthermore would we upload our brain onto computer systems, which would make us immortal.

This is the kind of nonsense you sometimes find people thinking and spreading. Human ignorance is incredible indeed, but not because people use only 10% of their brain capacity but rather because they do not even use 10%… 😉



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