Day 154 – Moonwalking the moon-hoax

2009/02/04 § Leave a comment

Day 154 – moonwalk

Valle de la Luna, AtacamaThere are amazing geological features in this desert up here in Chile called Atacama. Many of which actually seem to resemble otherworldly places. One such is the Valley of the Moon close to San Pedro de Atacama. I went with two guys I met in a Jeep to explore the features. We spend the sunset there and were impressed by the weirdness of the place. Some ground shapes do indeed remind of the photos most us have seen of the moon landings. If they have indeed landed on the moon?!

Of course to doubt the fact that the USA send men to the moon is laughable. Especially considering how interested the Russians would have been to uncover the fact. I have never seen or heard that the Russians did doubt the American achievement. However, some people- mostly US-Americans who seem to be especially prone to fall victim for preposterous conspiracy theories- have come up with “evidence”. Long ago I stumbled over a webpage which manages to disprove a range of them using the simple technique of reenacting the scenes in question with Lego-blocks. Sure worth a look and a laugh… 🙂


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