Day 150 – Isn´t it ironic?

2009/01/31 § Leave a comment

Luxury class seatHow is that for ironic: all the way I have gone for cheap buses traveling over night until now when I took the luxury class. The difference, besides the food served, is that the seats in the normal class only recline so much that you basically sleep almost sitting- if you sleep at all that is. In luxury class the seats go all the way back and a butler gives you an extra mattress, blanket and pillow so you basically have the luxury of a bed.

I got tiered not getting a good night sleep (naturally you get tiered from not sleeping) on the Argentinian buses. However, one day before my luxury experience I catch a stupid cold and end up awake all night yesterday until I realized (at 8 in the morning) that the only way I could at least grab two hours of sleep was sitting almost upright, since that unclogged my nose.

That is what I call ironic! I guess I am just not meant to sleep on buses.

San Pedro de AtacamaTalking of being ill, that is a reoccurring issue and I wonder what it might have to do with. Constant changes in foods, irregular sleep, changing weather and climate in different regions I visit or just a depressed immune system due to the psychological demands of traveling alone and lonesome in the vastness of the planet we call earth. Dunno, I do know however that my usual maladies (to do with my digestion- I spare you details) has not been a trouble for almost the entire time. Except from India where I acted as a stomach-bug-trap. Hmmm, if my immune system is suppressed than for the better concerning my stomach? Something hard to stomach, I got to digest this fact. (God I am funny 😉 )

Anywho, I have arrived at the Atacama dessert, well over 2500 meters above sea level and reside at San Pedro right now. Some of the “hills” in the background are in fact 6000 meters or more high and I guess just seem tiny due to the vastness of the desolate plains before them. Man, this really is desert here, but busy nonetheless since it seems to have loads to offer. Hence I was told that it is hard to impossible to find a room spontaneously and of course I had not booked anything in advance. When I arrive I was greeted by a lady with my surname “Kramer” and tagged along. I was wondering all along how she knew my name but my Spanish was not all that sufficient to figure that out. Just now a guy from Germany arrived by the same surname. Riddle solved and my room-problem too.

Some coincidences are too ironic…


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