Day 141 – Southern Culture: Los Alemanes

2009/01/23 § Leave a comment

One of the fun insights in the south of Chile was that there is tremendous influence of Germans in the Lake region and the so called River Region. Names, products, food, culture and so forth are all to some extend tainted by German traditions. Naturally I was not sure if that was a good thing or not. However, it was a funny fact.


We went to a local fair where I fortunatly became exposed to some traditions who have their own dynamic, maybe the real chilean traditions? When it comes to food the chilean cuisine is on the more natural side of things. No big tricks are played on the composition of the dishes or in the way they are spiced.


Though that being said, when you have had a stew with clams, mussles, chicken and sausages all in one dish you must be surprised of the composition for sure, yet the good thing is there is something in there for everyone, unless you are taking your vegetarianism very seriously… 🙂


Fish market in ValdiviaNo matter though what you think of the cuisine here, the amount of freshly available seafood is lovely, and a wonderful wine to guzzle any food down with is never far away. There are so many great wines here for cheap, it gives you a bad concience to order a beer (which then of course has a German name and is made by “Germans”).


I loved the dancing at the fairs most. StuffI had never seen before and yet it felt somewhat familiar. I guess there is in the end a striking similarity to european customs. And do those guys not resemble some Austrian indiginous guys after all? 😉


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