Day 140 – Outdoor man in Chile

2009/01/22 § Leave a comment

Due to the fact that we brought a surfboard we felt obliged to go surfing of course. Naturally, for two untrained individuals, Gerardo and I spend more time in the water or falling into the water than balancing the board. However, both of us were surprised how fast we progressed and after some half hour or so we managed to cruise a bit.

Unfortunately the crossing back against the wind turned out to be the real difficulty, which handed us the chance to get some swimming exercise, when needing to get back to shore. However, it was much fun all in all!

The other activities were walks on beaches and into the forests, exploring some hot springs close to the many volcanoes here and some fishing in the lakes. Well, the fishing…Let me say it like that, we had not been eating too much fish had we not bought some. However, even without fisherman’s luck you get a great variety of clams and seafood for very little money. Especially a fish called Sierra has become one of my favorites, reminding me of Baracuda a lot. We were lucky enough to enjoy the chilean hospitality at Gerado’s grandmother’s place. We got a nice treat of here excellent skills as a chef.

Me fishingWhile not catching some fish I had caught some virus instread, which gave me some bugging throat pain. I went to the hospital today where there was not just one but two German speaking doctors taking care of my virus. In a way I bizarrely enjoy going to foreign hospitals, it give an insight into how good we have it in Europe. While in the USA medical service is just outrageously expensive and the size of your wallet dictates the quality of the service you get, in many “second and third world” countries health care is widely available but surely not top notch when it comes to quality. In Europe we do have- despite the widespread complaining- still the worlds best health care systems in my experience! Everybody has access to high standard health care without having to take much care of insurances and the like…

img_3374My Pan-Americana trip came to an end now, and I am back in Santiago. I decided against a continuation into the far south. For time and money reasons, and also because of the weather. I am keen on getting into the tropics now and explore less nature but more archaeological wonders. However, before that, and as soon as my new credit card has arrived (I lost one), the next stop is going to be one of the driest places on earths, I can’t wait to see them.


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