Day 139 – Southern Chile: Little moments of perfect beauty

2009/01/21 § Leave a comment

Carburga, river with little waterfallsFinally we headed off with a four-wheel-drive in order to investigate the south of Chile. We were on a (thanks to Gerardo and Paula) well organized and equipped camping trip. Our aim was to explore the region of the rivers and lakes- hence called lake and the river district.

We had to realized after the first night that the nights here become much chiller than we were expecting (hence the name Chile, haha, have I not cracked that lame joke before already? 😉 ). Especially when camping directly next to a lake during full moon it gets a bit cold. However, it was a fantastic sight! The nature there is stunning. Around every corner there is a petite and picturesque piece of landscape waiting for you…

Town in the lake region - CarburgaMuch there reminds of Germany and Switzerland at times. In fact you could think you were transported to Switzerland in some towns, thanks to the architecture which has been influenced mostly by German, Swiss and Austrian immigrants. But that is of course only how it is in the major villages down here, which also have been prepared for the streams of foreign tourists. With a car you can nicely get away from the crowds of “mainstream” tourism and smell some real southern Chilean atmosphere. Which smells good…


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