Day 125 – Hanging loose, rindin´smooth

2009/01/07 § Leave a comment

img_3171After spending the New Years Eve festivities in Santiago with friends I have been taking some time off of traveling. The sheer amount of things and events that hit me the last couple of months deserves some digesting. However, the momentary slow down leaves me with a funny feeling of almost being nervously restless.

Santiago is not my favorite city on my circuit so far but it does have its charming sides too. It offers a bunch of nice bars and restaurants and a few nice and lush green parks for the locals to retreat and use them as their hangout and make-out places. The heat with which the mid-day sun burns down on the town is incredible. But as soon as the sun is gone a pleasant chill moves into town (hence the name: Chile 😉 ) and allows for some relaxed quality sleep.

Valparaiso with its funny colored houses.

Valparaiso with its funny colored houses.

The closeness to the mountains and the beach are a refreshing possibility for excursions. So I have made it to the sea side resorts of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar which are very nice, though admittedly not my favorites either, when comparing to some of the beach-places I have seen in South-East-Asia. However, as someone pointed out the other day, after a sufficient amount of traveling there remains only space to impress you. I do not have the cash for that yet. Hence, to overcome this downside of an overwhelmed mind partially a break comes in handy.

New Years Eve I spend with the family of a friend and we barbecued outside in the comfortably warm Chilean summer evening weather. However, New Years in sleeveless shirt, eating barbecued steak and slurping nice Chilean wine does not provide the necessary backdrop for induction of the semi-melancholic winterly feeling I am used to connect to this evening every year again. On the other hand I do not mind at all to skip one winter season, especially if it is the hardest in 30 years in Europe… 😉

Now the plan is to head down south and see where it takes us. A friend here has a Jeep and camping equipment ready for us to leave on Saturday. I am looking forward to seeing some of the rough and rural south and to cure the restlessness in me with some more thousands-of-kilometer-biting road tripping…


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