Day 115 – Most annoying travelers in 2008

2008/12/27 § 1 Comment

The end of each year is the time for all sorts of top-ten or top-”something” lists. My personal interest is to find out, what your opinion is, who are the most annoying travelers? A highly controversial, highly subjective and highly non-PC question.

But WTF? I am not US American and not obliged to submit to the constraints of political correctness. I am European, where in most places we can still speak our mind… So, hit it, let me know!

I have a personal favorite by the way! 😉

I had long conversations about it with some Israelis who I have been traveling with, who were sad that they may take the title of being the least welcomed travelers in South-America and large parts of Asia.

I had a great time with the ones I traveled with. But can see what some are trying to say… Oh and by the way, no, no, no, it is not because of the religion. People can be annoyed without being racist, antisemitic or otherwise mentally challenged.

However, it is all a matter of perspective, and if you like people being noisy, obnoxious and/or smelly you will not be easily put off by any nationality traveling.

Oh yes, and by the way, of course that requires that you believe that different nationalities may posses something like a national-personality. If you do not believe that you must reject the idea of different cultures in general of course. In which case you must believe language has no influence on ones personality either. Or that people are generally uninfluenced by their peers around them and the information you get. What you then believe is that we all live in independent bubbles. Sociology, in accordance to you should not exist in the first place (I am tempted to subscribe to that, but cannot for the sake of my argument 😀 ).

In that case sod off and read something else…


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§ One Response to Day 115 – Most annoying travelers in 2008

  • Jules says:

    Well, I am a reluctant U.S. citizen, and must say that about 70% of my “fellow Americans” annoy the hell out of me when I see them in other countries. I typically disassociate myself from them, and typically end up hanging w/ Aussies or Kiwis.
    That said, we’re not all bad travelers, and hopefully Obama (yeah!!) will help mend our rep a tad.

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