Day 113 – Happy solstice

2008/12/25 § Leave a comment

Winery in MendozaAfter a couple of days in Buenos Aires, where I had the pleasure of meeting Pablo, a friend from Barcelona, I went on to Mendoza. Christmas in this lovely town does not really feel all that christmassy though. In 35 degrees warm weather the right mood does not want to set in. Not even a nice wine-tasting (Mendoza is the cradle of Argentinian wine) seemed to help.
However, I ended up in a lovely hostel with great people and we had a great and wet party last night with loads of barbecued meat and wine measure by the liter rather than by glasses… 🙂

In accordance with the end-of-the-year-celebrations I should say an atheistic word of course. Believing in the existence of the wonder working quasi-zombie Jesus is on par with any superstition. Someone argued the other day that the universe is full of mystery and could not be understood. Only a view like that, which assumes the cosmos to be an assembly of randomness and unordered chaos allows for a believe in miracles and unexplainable wonders.

I realized again that I absolutely prefer to live in a universe that can be predicted. One that is orderly and can be “worked” with. If it were not for a orderly universe not any of the scientific ways of explaining the world would make sense. Neither would we be able to send probes to Mars or people to the moon. We would not have nuclear power plants nor DVD players. In short, the universe would be unreliable, unpredictable and a rather nonsensical place.

But thank God it is not like that. We are able to investigate everything that surrounds us and make sense of everything, given enough time. I stick to what Einstein said, when he pointed out that he would be able to believe in, for instance, telepathy. But if it could be shown that someone can transmit their thoughts to another person then it would be in accordance to the laws of physics and as such reproducible and could be scientifically investigated.

Insofar “paranormal” does not exist by definition. And furthermore there is not a hint that ghosts exist, or that people are reincarnated, or that there is any fundamental importance or value to any of the many fantasized spiritual explanations of our world. And it is very good that way…

It does however baffle me that so many people would prefer to live in a mysterious and mystic world rather than the beautifully ordered one we exist in. I guess mankind has yet a long way to go, and we can only hope that homo gullible superstitious does not extinct itself while waiting for some zombie savior. We can only save ourselves. But it would require that we realize this fact first. Is there hope? I will include you in my atheistic prayers… 😀


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