Day 107 – ¿Carne? Vale!

2008/12/20 § Leave a comment

Carneval in MontevideoFollowing the aforementioned beach hang-out I went to Montevideo, the capitol of Uruguay. In the night of my arrival there was a celebration of their independence (or something, I never actually figured it out with terminal certainty). Loads of dancing latina-women in flimsy dresses, dancing to the beats drummed by loads of men not so flimsily dressed, with various percussion instruments. Absolutely carnival atmosphere! Very enjoyable! Very funny how the spectators participated and danced along like there were no tomorrow…

Meat Market MontevideoThe next day I went to the old port in order to feast on meat. The Mercado del Puerto [1] is the place for eating animals. On the formed premises of the old market you find restaurants offering everything from the traditional Uruguayan BBQ (similar to the Argentinian) you can think of. I have never seen so many different skeletal and various other tissues of so many different species in sizzling unison before! Lovely! You get seated either boringly on a restaurant table, or more interestingly, at a bar with close-up view of the barbecue and everything that is roasting on it. A dream of a BBQ fan like me and a confessing carnivore….

Old Port in MontevideoI had barbecue sausage as a starter and sirloin steak as a main course. The steak had a wonderful and lovely mild flavor that was completely unknown to me. I suspect it was a slight wood flavor from the fresh wood they use rather than charcoal grill. However, it might have been the beef itself or some mild marinate. However, I do not believe that the beef was marinated and so I suspect a more subtle and more “natural” origin. Just wonderful!

For prices around 15 Euro for the dishes including bread with a lovely and freshly prepared garlic and herbs dip, French fries and some more alibi vegetables and drinks I would go there until my arteries were clogged from all the fatty food, were I living in Montevideo. But hey…it would be worth it! Go there, the next time you get to Montevideo… 😉



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