Day 105 – Easy like sunday morning

2008/12/17 § Leave a comment

Colonia, UruguayRight now I am sitting in Uruguay and wait for the BBQ to start feeding me and the other hungry hostel inmates. We hang in a lovely place just minutes (and visible from here) from the beach. Colonia de Sacramento was absolutely lovely and even though my impression is that Uruguay is not spectacular it is relaxing and lovely and well worth a visit. The atmosphere is so dramatically more laid back than in buzzing Buenos Aires that it is hard to believe these places are just a couple of dozen kilometers apart.

img_2808I was however absolutely taken by Buenos Aires. And even though it is impossible to compare it to Rio I would say that when attempting to do so anyway, Buenos Aires is all together more grown up and definitely more sophisticated. On the other hand it lacks the playfulness of Rio and the nihilistic approach to everything there is in life. I loved the seriousness though because it appears to be married to a healthy understanding of how to enjoy the sweeter sides of life. All in all Buenos Aires made me feel like home for the first time since I started traveling. It sure is on the European side of things when it comes to looks.

Hostel with pool in Del EsteUruguay´s south looks a little bit as if one had transferred the Eifel (the region where I come from in Germany) to the sea. The rural and agricultural hinterland runs all the way to wonderful beaches with cute little restaurants and a relaxed beach life. I am surprised that I never heard much of Uruguay as a holiday destination. But sure, there may be a lack of culture when compared to Argentina. But who needs culture, when you can instead just take it easy, kick off your shoes and indulge in…well, basically doing nothing than breathing in life… hanging loose… 🙂

View from Hostel in Punta del Este


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