Day 100 – Natural beauty and the technological beast

2008/12/12 § Leave a comment

After a 22 hours bus journey- probably the longest period of time I have ever spend on a bus (though I will have the pleasure of more demoralizing bus trips in the weeks to come)- I arrived in Foz do Iguazu and went on immediately to Punto Iguazu in Argentina. I went on to visit the falls with Gavin, a guy from Ireland I had met. Absolutely fabulous! I was afraid that all the talking about the grandeur of the falls would have me expect too much of them, but I was mistaken. Completely worth the trip and highly recommended to come here!

ItaipuOther than that I have been doing some excursions in this area, dropping over to Paraguay from here to Ciudad del Este, which is a dump where you can buy all possibly useful and certainly useless goods. Today I visited the hydroelectric power station of Itaipu with Alberto, who I shared dorm with. We were extremely impressed by this structure which belongs to the new seven technological wonders of the world [1]. This massive and impressive building provides more than 94% of the energy consumed by Paraguay and more than 20% of the energy used by Brazil [2]. Simply ginormous…



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