Day 95 – The girl from Ipanema wasn´t home

2008/12/07 § Leave a comment

HollywoodL.A. Was a milder shock than I expected. However, what signifies that part of the US mostly in my mind is the artificiality with which people deal with each other. Genuine is not a term that would come to mind…

David HasselhoffIt was a success going there in a way though, since I to my relief found evidence that David Hasselhoff is a star. I have often been harassed by people for him having been big in the 80s in Germany (awkwardly, it seems to disturb some people more than let´s say the Germans having followed Hitler). But, now it is official that he is a star and hence it is perfectly OK for Germans to treat him like one. Then again, even dogs seem to get honored in Hollywood, which unsettles me a bit. But I guess we just don´t tell anybody, and let the Germans indulge in their notoriously bad taste undisturbed…

Quite in contrast to L.A. Brazil feels genuine, literally racism free as opposed to the US and pleasantly European. So people are comparably bearable. The nice weather and the beaches help additionally to enjoy being here- a lot.

I stay a stone-throw away from Ipanema beach and have no complaints so far. Further on the positive side, nothing has been stolen yet and generally speaking the safety issue seems to be extraordinarily blown out of proportion by many travelers. On the other hand, if you fall victim you might not look at it this way. What am saying is that the risk is lower than it seems from afar, I suspect.

Despite the fact that Rio is certainly one of the nicest cities I have ever seen there is tremendously little really culturally exciting to do here. And for a beach holiday destination it is not a good choice unless you hate swimming anyway- as I fortunately do- because the waters are too wild most of the time and the other times they are too polluted.

Jesus Christ!Anywho, with some cash in your pockets this can be an entertaining place. Prices for food, accommodation and sightseeing reach European levels easily. But if you can afford it, you can for instance dine absolutely wonderfully and go clubbing and dancing until you fall into a dehydration induced coma.

Unfortunately I do not have the cash needed (or rather the will ton spend it this way) and will therefore skip the coma (and all the supposedly hot and willing Brazilian salsa chicks) and move on rather soon. Still, even without cash you can hang with the locals in some genuine Brazilian places and drink beer for 1 Euro per 600 mL boozing-unit and compare European with Brazilian politics, language, life-style, women, social issues and whatever else comes to mind after hitting 0.2% of ethanol content in your blood.

Until I am leaving I can be found sitting on the white beaches of Rio, sticking my nose into the warm ocean breeze…

PS. A word about Brazilian women as it seems to be a topic of some male interest; “class” is not necessarily a term that comes to mind too often. However, the extremely “light” way of dressing utilized by so many female Brazilians distracts from the not so perfect shapes or looks quite efficiently. It is not all “Copacabana perfection” as seen on TV. But then again, what do I know about all this? I hardly look at women while I am here, obviously…


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