Day 088 – Montain of things [1]

2008/12/01 § 2 Comments

Thanks to megalomaniac plastic Xmas trees it is hard to miss that Christmas is approaching. While shopping for their presents the day after all-you-can-eat-day or thanksgiving one shopkeeper was killed by the storming masses [2], at a Walmart [3]. At a toy store somewhere in California two people shot each other dead. Consumption, that much is clear, is a main pastime that is being taken more than dead serious.

I am amazed and jealous of the careless, or one is tempted to say, brainless shopping frenzy people indulge in seemingly constantly. People love their stuff. And I could not put it better, than this American chick the other day, at my hostel, after someone had looked through her things to check if there was some steal-able stuff in there; “It is my stuff. And, I mean- you just don´t touch peoples stuff. I mean, if its people´s stuff, you leave it alone- riiiight? You gotta respect people´s stuff! I don´t get how someone could just touch my stuff!”. Yapp.

Now, people here have a lot of stuff and big stuff and they do care a great deal about every single bit of it. The news are weired to me because they do seem to mistake “gossip” and lifestyle advice for news. The recent massacre in India merely made it through all the end-of-the-year-celebrations consumption frenzy. However, the news report to you how to save money when buying presents, how to buy the right presents (the “hip ones”, ie. What everyone else buys) and the drama that unfolds this year due to the global financial crisis, which is that people consume less.

And admittedly, how would you not just concentrate on consumption in the USA? There is not much else to do, and stuff is sooo cheap! I went crazy and got myself some stuff the other day!

I am a bit sad though, for Americans because they seem not to have noticed that in the long run endless consumption is not sustainable. We will see how long it will last. Maybe the financial crisis is the beginning of the end? Too bad for all the Asians and Latinos who now stream into the country. They may come for the leftovers. But hey, as long as it lasts, let no one stand in the way of you and your stuff!



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