Day 082 – A sort of homecoming

2008/11/25 § 1 Comment

Visiting the USA certainly can have that eerie feeling of familiarity. I feel like caught in some cliché movie, watching the bums in the streets (man, there are so may of them!), listening to the sound of urgency of passing ambulances and the cops in the streets, and the shopping malls

Some fine fast food havenNaturally one of my first objectives was to inhale some American culture. So my first day was spend at malls (still looking for a damn cable for my damn Panasonic razor- I gave up and bought a new one). Then I had some typical American burrito, and everything they say about the US is true- everything is bigger in the US (and the coffee is thinner). They use a flour tortilla that has the size of those little carpets that some people put in front of their toilet. They then fill it with beans equivalent to a quarter of a month harvest. After adding the meat of a little herd of cows and the cheese production of a small central European nation the whole thing is wrapped up. And they throw in some nachos just in case it would not fill you up.

One thing though is not true, it is not as cheap here as I expected from reports. But then again, I come from India where the money I paid for the burrito would have fed me for a week or so. I topped off my culinary tour de Frisco with a real American pepperoni pizza pie and later on a double cheeseburger with triple bacon from Jack in the box. It took me a day to gain three kilos I believe. It all makes sense, why the US has the biggest of problem with type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Science church?!? This pic is wrong on so may levels...That first night I went to bed around midnight and was proud I survived that long. In the end you do not want to wake up in the middle of the night due to jet lag. But far from it I woke up fourteen (14) hours later. I could not believe what had just happened. Man was I battered. This is the short explanation why I have not done any sightseeing. Probably today, as I woke up after just some six hours of sleep this night. Worst jet lag ever…

Gotta go, on TV they are broadcasting some military thingy where Bush speaks live. The fact alone makes me laugh- live! Enjoy him as long as he lasts, soon we have to listen to a boring and eloquent celebrity president. 😉


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  • txutxin says:

    ey david!!!
    I´m txutxin, elena is at work and i´ve arrive to my house in this moment becouse we went to llodio(elena´s village) since arrive.and it has been difficult this big change, between india and our cities, and we are impacted, but step by step we are taken our lives again, elena is working and it has been very hard, for me today at naight i have to work, but in 4 days i´ll hav holidays again, so i,am not worried.
    here, it´s snowing very hard, but i love the snow, so i´m very ilusionated to go to the montain with the dog!!!
    be carefull in your travel!!
    and you know, if you need something from us….. call us!!
    enjoy your travel!!!!
    excuse by the my primitive english

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