Day 080 – Good bye Asia

2008/11/23 § Leave a comment

I am sitting in Seoul, Korea right now and contemplate my Asia journey, which is coming to an end in about 3 hours, when I move on to the USA (sadly enough due to a change in schedule and a delayed plane I cannot go and visit Seoul for some hours as I had planned 😦 ). It has all been very nice and I have seized upon the chance to spend a lot of time alone in especially south east Asia. It was nice to avoid the party and backpackers crowds.

Nevertheless I have met nice people, had nice conversations and have learned a lot. While Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos did not feel entirely novel since they are culturally and also by landscape somewhat close to other countries in the region I have visited, India was a novelty.

I think I have made my peace with India in the last couple of days and “main bazar” in Delhi looked less dirty, less crowded and less stressful yesterday. However, it is certain that “main bazar” area has not changed but I have gotten acustomed to India after all. However, it will not be my first choice for another holiday, especially not when looking for tranquility. But then again, I knew that beforehand…

All in all Asia was cheaper than I had planned even though I did not hold back in spoiling myself with nice food and somewhat luxurious accommodation, based on the “normal” backpacker standard.

The budget was:

Cambodia, 29 € daily
Vietnam, 21 € daily
Laos and Thailand, 19 € daily
India, 16 € daily
Nepal, 20 € daily


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