Panasonic does not know its products

2008/11/14 § Leave a comment

While traveling I have lost the cable that is used to charge my Hair-trimmer ER220. I have bought the device in Germany and noticed the loss of the cable in Thailand. I ran around Thailand and tried to get a new cable. No success. They seemed no to have this type of trimmer even.

A call to the US-customer support was useless. A lady promised to get back to me in order to inform me if there was a chance to get the damn cable in India or the US (my next two stations). She never got back to me.

I wrote to the German support team. They had nothing but “wise” advice for me. Go to a shop near you was one of the. Had they bothered to read my question they had known that I could not get the damn cable.

They could send a new one to me, for 33 Euros PLUS packaging and delivery costs! I could almost buy a new trimmer for that! Whether a cable bought in the US would fit they could not say, they wrote, I should ask in the US instead.

So naturally I tried the US support once more. But they told me to ask the German support, since that was where I bought the device.

I find it rather amazing that a company´s support teams cannot manage to figure out whether a cable bought in one country would fit the socket of a device bought in another country.

Why I bother in the first place, you wonder? Of course the sockets and cables should all be normed for the products of one company no matter where they are bought, you think?

That would be nice. But I had to discover that I could not buy any cable in Asia that would fit my trimmer no matter if the trimmer models here looked almost identical or not. None would fit. Either Panasonic does produce varying sockets and cables for different markets or they even produce different cables for different (but similar types) of products.

And no: it has nothing to do with voltage, as one might think. Of course you would expect them to protect stupid customers from plugging in cables delivering wrong voltages to appliances and thereby destroying them. But that was not the problem here either.

Despite: the US support lady kept asking me what WATTS I ran the device on. Only when she asked if I ran on 210 or 110 WATTS did I realize what she wanted and could answer, correcting her. But she insisted that we had different WATTS in different parts of the world… Mental WATTS I guess… Yes, definitely less in the USA that is for sure….


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