Day 048 – Rafting in Nepal

2008/10/26 § Leave a comment

I have always thought about rafting some time but never gotten around to doing it. A shame I didn´t. It rocks! I absolutely loved it. We did a rafting tour today on one of the easier rivers in Nepal. And even though, one man over board (wasn´t me) and a fair amount of sore muscles afterwards are prove that we had to earn our survival. 😉

But seriously, I regret I have not done it sooner and I can not imagine it to have been the last time I did it! I loved every second of it! The rapids, the white water, the struggle, the wonderful view, the sunny weather, the fights with other boats, the swallowing of heaps of water, the exhaustion, the countryside, the excitement, just all of it. A “must try” I would say, and Nepal has the reputation for some of the best rafting on the planet.

From the rafting we went on into Chitwan, one of the main Natural reserve parks of Nepal. We attempt to do some safaris here and hope to see some wild life. In fact, I am not so sure we will see so much here, but I like the fact that I am in a rural area again. I want to enjoy nature as much as possible while I am here, since India is not gonna over much of it for me.

One downside however: check where you book your trip carefully. Metro Everest seems not to be a company that can be recommended. Jason and I met an American guy during the rafting who also had booked with Metro Everest travels. When we arrived at our hotel (which is part of a package deal) we were shown one room for all three of us. Hilarious if one considers that we a re individual travelers and we have booked individually. It has been sorted out and we have lovely rooms at Rainbow lodges. However, beware that some agencies in Nepal have a strange conduct of business. Metro Everest is a bad place to book your trips, I would say from that experience (there is more to the story, with promises not kept, but that is a boring story, so just take it from me: stay away from Metro Everest… stupid name anyway 😉 )


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