Day 039 – Dirty Delhi or how to get belly bugs

2008/10/12 § Leave a comment

What neither North-Africa with its occasionally questionable hygienic condition could achieve nor several trips in South-East-Asia, India did within two days. I contracted some ill gut-bug as seems. I have started taking antibiotics since there was no improvement after one day. I am anxious to see how that is gonna work out. If it does not it might not be bacterial and a hospital visit may become unavoidable. I doubt that though.

Hence I plan to move on very shortly, to Nepal. The best time to go, in terms of weather is now they say, so I will make it there first I suppose. Unfortunately I became ill the very day I was going to head for Agra, where the Taj Mahal is situated. The bug altered my plans.

In accordance to Lonely Planet about 70% of travelers get sick while in India. So far I would not be surprised if the numbers are that high. Since what I have seen so far must carry one tag especially: dirty. I described the conditions a little bit already, but it is hard to really describe with words how unhygienic and dirty Delhi is. Food is often prepared on streets with traffic going by, trash heaps scattered around, cows walking by and raw foods exposed to sun and heat for far too long. Additionally, it does not help that dishes to prepare the food in, seemingly, are not cleaned with detergents but often times with sand.

Hence I had a quiet day yesterday and also today seems not to get too wild. Fortunately I stay at a rather acceptable place that even has mostly clean sheets. I was going to move because my place is a bit outside of town. I am glad I didn´t do so. The places I checked out were centrally located in the main tourist street in Delhi. However, the scum and scam around is amazing. The rooms are without exception close to unacceptable. Cheap though. But I guess in that case it makes sense to pay 6 instead of 4 Euros per night. Now I even have a TV…a necessary component for those sick days in 🙂


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