Day 034 – Of men and maps

2008/10/07 § Leave a comment

There are some things you need not ask in Bangkok. Like for instance: sorry, where can I find a Tuktuk? Or comments like: isn´t it warm today? Also asking for a 7eleven would be quite futile since you are never further away from one than 50 meters (mathematicians the world over still wonder in awe how this feat was put in practice). Another question one need not ask is: where are the shavers?

I have been running around town in the quest to find a new cable for my shaver. I forgot mine somewhere along with so many other small things. I now know every single mall in Bangkok. And shopkeepers in every single electrical appliances store in town know me (not always in the best memory. I just say: a tall, unshaven westerner with a insane expression on his face, foam floating from his mouth, yelling the words “shaver, shaver” with aggressive emphasize).

One of my highlights was, when some girls in a shop were trying to point out where the Panasonic head office is in Bangkok, on my map (yes, I was prepared to take the issue up with the local CEO). I immediately felt reminded of all the studies where scientists tried to look into the topic of “sex and orientation”. I will only say this: after 5 minutes of searching (all the time I was thinking they were looking for the aforementioned head office so frantically) they screamed in joy: this is where we are! We took it from there; 6 hands running across the map up and down and left to right there and 10 minutes later- after having pointed at every single road at least once- I urged them to give it up.

Another little anecdote comes to mind. When I tried to help out a German couple the other day to find their way, she was holding the map and looking at it. I said something like “the place you are looking for is north of the river”, she replied: “ok, but on this map it does not say where north is.” I didn´t laugh. But I swear it was hard´n´heavy not to! He said with an emberrassed tone in his voice: “It usually is up here”, pointing at the top of the map… 😉

Anyhow, back to the topic. Shaver. No luck anywhere. Whenever they had shavers they were for ladies (and the adapter didn´t fit). Makes one think what is going on? Then it suddenly all came together…men here have no beard growth. At the same time there are more transsexuals and cross-dresser here than in the remaining countries of the planet. So it is obvious why there are no shavers for men! Anyhow, hence I am without a shaver cable substitute still.

Whatever, tomorrow I move on to India. Maybe they grow manly hair there? My friend and former office mate Atul from Mumbai was hairy…My luck may just turn in favor for me… 😉

PS. It seems that Panasonic has different cables for different appliances. That makes sense. Consequently the customer has to buy a new cable and cannot use any other, if something is wrong with the original. In Germany they seem to want close to 50% of the purchase price of the shaver! So yes, makes sense for Panasonic, not so much for the customer…


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