Day 031 – Same same but different…

2008/10/04 § Leave a comment

Bangkok once more…somehow it feels like a little piece of home, a bit of cozy familiarity. Many things have changed in the past six years. Some of the dirty roads and paths around Phratit Road have vanished and now sprinkle with newly laid tiles. Even the air seems cleaner than last time. I think either things really changed or I have a little crush on this town. πŸ˜‰

The good old and pathetic Kao San Road is enriched by McDonalds and Burger King (really amazing is that they were not here last time around!). Contrary the touts and scam-artists can only harvest a tired and fake smile from me, when they advertise another reclining Buddha or Giant Buddha just around the corner.

Somehow it seems Bangkok has tidied up its act, both literally, when it comes to the street kitchens and vendors and metaphorically, when it comes to the amount of people hazzling the tourists. However, memory is a deceiving and tricky thing, and after Vietnam and Cambodia I am not sure if I just remember wrong. But especially coming from Laos this time it felt as if we reentered civilization last night, when we crossed the Lao-Thai border by bus.

The 14 hours trip was not more a nightmare than expected and Bangkok found me in a good mood, when I searched for accommodation at six in the morning today. I ended up in exactly the same place as least time. Never change a winning team or something…

Right now it is pouring down like Bangkok was ill-meaning with me, but I am sure we will be friends tomorrow and I can go and have a look at the royal palace or something. I think I skipped that last time around. Or else I just hang out and collect my strength for India. We will see. And, before I forget: oh yes, the Thai girls are the Danish of Southeastasia. πŸ˜‰

PS At the moment you an get free internet via WiFi in Bangkok…just register with Green WiFi which you should find anywhere in central BKK! πŸ™‚


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