Day 024 – Tha Kaek – Simple Beauty

2008/09/28 § Leave a comment

Things went rather smoothly on my way to Laos and I had a travel companion- Cody- from New Zealand. Talking about the pros and cons of hitchhiking (check this album by Roger Waters! ;)) the many hours on the bus went by faster.

Laos is definitely more laid-back than Vietnam. People hazzle (hello, where are you from? Can I practise my English with you…do you want to buy my tour/useless stuff/wife? Etc.) you almost never and they seem friendly. Even though Savanaket, the place where we arrived first seems like a place where you would not even “hang dead over a fence” (old German idiom ;)).

However, Tha Kaek is a nice small place with somewhat more atmosphere and some stuff to do in the vicinity. The country side around is beautiful especially in the morning. I went around with a motorbike today and was intoxicated by the lush and green rice fields, which are cut through by rivers here and there and are framed by bizarre and overgrown steep mountains. There are a number of caves which are places of worship for Buddhists. In most one can find religious figures and symbols. One of the has only recently (2004) been discovered complete with hundreds of Buddha figures which face the entrance. They are neatly put between the stalagmites and stalactites and give the place a ghostly atmosphere.

While it is just pouring down right now as if the second “biblical great flood” had begun I got myself another sunburn this afternoon. Just an hour of sun around lunch is so powerful here- it explains why people walk around with umbrellas when it is sunny.


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