Day 017 – Finding Nemo

2008/09/20 § Leave a comment

Today I have been diving in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I was warned that the coral here is not in its best condition everywhere, and that certainly held true. However, it was rather lovely anyway. I remember my last almost disastrous dive in Indonesia, where the currents were just insane at times. Here the waters were calmer than I might have experience anywhere except during my first dive, which took place in an Australian swimming pool. 😉

Loads of small fishes were around many of them so tame and trusting that you got really close. Some of them seemed to want to play. Or maybe they were maybe trying to fight or alternatively mate. Well, who could tell the difference? Not me anyway, not with fishes at least. 🙂

One of them followed me around for at least 10 minutes. I was wondering who was the observer and who the observed. The fish´s advantage was, he or she (I got close alright, but telling a fish´s sex is beyond me) did not have to pay for the pleasure. Saying that: 60 Dollars for two dives, including an initial refresher instruction, hiring a camera and all food and drinks (breakfast and lunch) on board is not a bad deal at all!

The water was so warm, that you could have stayed down there for far beyond the usual 50-60 minutes. I remember that in Egypt in spring I was glad to be allowed to get out of the water after 40 minutes since due to severely freezing my bladder had been extruded. 😉 And also, thanks to the calm waters here I was not limited by my oxygen supply at least but only by my dive masters work schedule.

Divers log:

Place: Nha Trang

1st Dive: Madonna Rock. In: 9:05h, out: 20:05h – 60 min. Depth: 19 m. Visibility: 10-15 m. Comment: Cave dive.

2nd Dive: Moray Beach. In: 11:00h, out: 11:50h – 50 min. Depth: 16 m. Visibility: 5 m


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