Day 003 – Pnomh Phen- The Beautiful and the Ugly

2008/09/07 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was not an exactly an efficient day. The Laos embassy was closed and so my trip there was in vain. Anyhow, this gave me the opportunity to improve my haggling skills. I realized that I am still far off the former skills which allowed me to get decent prices. Right now I am back in the overpriced tourist region again. When you offer a price to someone and they accept immediately you know you did it wrong 😉

I have been sitting in a lovely restaurant and reading one of the books I brought, named “allem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne”, from Hermann Hesse. Not as easy reading as his novels I think, but makes for a great travel companion as it deals with the stages of life and seems to be autobiographic. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for some book that inoculates and catalyzes your thoughts!

While certain beautiful areas are blocked from access for tourist unless you pay others are free still, especially the ugly ones. The sights and especially smells of asia got an entirely different, somewhat less pleasant meaning at times. 😉 But hey, good to see the real Cambodia…

I wandered the city and tried to get to the lake in the north of the city. I gave up eventually, because it was midday and I had not taken my hat, nor had I used some cream. Great idea! On the way back I got lost and walked in the sun decisively too long. I was in an entirely wrong neighborhood, but by the time I had realized the fact it was too late. Burned, tiered, dehydrated and in no mood I got back home. A siesta and a lovely meal fixed the mood at least 🙂

today I set sail for Siem Riep. Curious enough to see one of the great (unofficial) wonders of the world…


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