Day 002 – Phnom Penh – Killing fields

2008/09/06 § Leave a comment


Yesterday I managed to get the visa for Vietnam but later realized I should have gotten one as well for Laos, since there is no chance to get one at the border between Cambodia and Laos. Hence I have a mission for today 🙂


I met two nice guys at the embassy yesterday, one girl from Germany and a guy from Israel. We went to the killing fields together. It is crazy to see these 8000 skulls of people who died in this gruesome genocide. However, the site does somehow not do the severity justice. The guides, who as so many people have family members who fell victim to Pol Pots insanity do their best to counteract the actual tranquility of the site with their reports of what happened here.

We later on went to the royal palace, the market and the independence

 monument, the typical tour I guess. We could not get in to the palace due to the fact that I had a sleeveless T-shirt. I owe like one sleeveless T-shirt of was of course wearing it yesterday. Dunno if I try again today, maybe not. I´ll see.


My jet lag is not totally gone. I woke up at 4 last night. Nice to have a comfy room for this reason. Highly recommended to anyone who plans a RTW trip… 😉


ok, now for breakfast and then for the next adventures of a new day in Cambodia…


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