Day 001 – Pnomh Phen – The real life

2008/09/05 § Leave a comment

Ich bin gut angekommen und habe mit meiner unterkunft einen guten fang gemacht. Ist wirklich ganz nett hier. Ich war so saumüde auf dem flug nach PNH, dass ich die 90 minute flug garnicht mitbekommen habe, und völlig verwirrt war, als der pilot meinte, es seien noch 5 minute bis zur landung 🙂

ich habe es bi 21h ausgehalten und bin aber schon um 4:30h aufgewacht. Jetzt so gegen 8h erstmal frühstück und dann will ich die sache mit dem vietnam visa klar machen, einen bus nach siem riep buchen und mir die stadt ein wenig anschauen. Killing fields und sicher ein museum oder so.


It is great to be back in south east asia. The warm and moist air smells comfortably familiar and the traffic greeted me with its usual insanity when I arrived. People smile to every occasion and the food stalls and market squares with their smells and colors welcomed me back to this region I love so much.


A good night sleep in a master bed

A good night sleep in a master bed

Last night, after a lemongrass flavored dish with prawns, I sat on the cute little porch of mz guesthouse and felt at home again. I am amazed how a region can exhibit this feeling of homecoming in me.


However, I am curious if after a month of traveling in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos I am still a fan. My guess is: even more so, but I´ll see. Today, here in Pnomh Phen I am planning to see the killing fields and dive in into the culture and painful past of this place.

First I will have to sort visa and bus tickets for the upcoming adventures… but I already sense that I will slow down even more than I had anticipated. It is amazing how the “traveling feeling” already hit me. And I have the certain feeling that tranquility will replace the initial hint of a “touristy” ambition of being able to see as much as possible in as little time as possible.

Already I have altered my plans in order to only stay in the south of vietnam and laos in order to take in the few things I will experience instead of rushing through all the wonders and ambients of the Khmer region…

But we will see… I keep posting of course.


The other day, when I was traveling in Morocco with a friend, we talked about my ambitions to travel the world as much as I can. Sam, a fanatic traveler himself, said something I had heard before and never really got my head around: well, traveling is not the real life.

A while later, after I had been inoculation on the issue, I got back to the topic and we discussed it a bit. We kind of agreed that traveling is not sustainable and that makes it less practicable than a life with a nine to five job. I can agree fully to this concept or definition of what a “real life” has to contain. Sustainability is one criteria in it in my understanding.

However, I got into conversations similar to the one Sam and I had. But back then the underlying theme was that a real life has to have certain accepted concepts or components in order to be real. Obviously, being the existentialist anarchist I am (no idea what that really means ;)) I could not disagree more. Similar to Sartre and his existentialist followers (and predecessors) I strongly support the notion that individuals must choose their way of life and the consequences deriving from it.

Personally I do not thrive to leave anything behind in terms of legacy or the like., In fact, I can only ridicule this concept in the face of the fact that hardly any individual achievement will endure more than a couple of hundred years. Certainly monuments like the great pyramid are great indicators of what individuals together with followers can achieve. However, neither is it known for sure who had the brilliant idea to build the pyramid, nor its exact purpose and certainly not details of the individuals´ lives who build or designed or brought up the idea for the pyramid are recorded.

In relation to the approximately 100 million year long history of human kind and certainly even more so related to the 4.5 billion years the earth exists any human achievement looks pale and in vain. Oblivion is an integral part of what we are and what life is about.

So I enjoy my trip if you do not mind. And I can assure anyone who has not tried it: life feels very real if you are trying to stay alive 10000 miles alone from home 😉


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