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I often have stumbled upon discussion forums where people were wondering when they should go to certain regions. When it comes to my planning you will see that my time in south-east Asia could have been chosen more wisely when considering that it is going to rainy season still in September. However, I am going to visit a friend and therefore was limited in my planning. 

However, in case you are about planning to go anywhere and you are not sure when to go there are of course plenty of resources on the net to help you. Here are some of the pages I used:













Regarding the places where I am planning to go I would recommend to be in Thailand before July (later in the south) or later than September/October. Similarly for the Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos region. Rainy season does not necessarily mean that it rains every day or non-stop of course. However, between July and October you may get into some trouble when travelling minor roads by car or bus.



Northern India seems to be either insanely hot and rainy or hot and insanely dry. However, a good idea seems to be to  go there between October and February (less rain and not so hot) but not after February (getting hotter and June to September is rainy season). This is why I chose to be there in October/November. [http://www.world66.com/asia/southasia/india/delhi/lib/climate]


South- and Central America

Roughly places north of a line between Rio de Janeiro and La Paz can be visited most times of the year, while south of this line the weather can get a bit chill in winter time (around July to October). Especially southernmost place is Argentina and Chile can only comfortably be visited in summer time (around December to March). Hence I chose to take a flight down to Brazil once I arrive in the USA. I am going to be there in December and first make my way down south.

However, also high plateau regions in Bolivia, Chile and Peru can be quite cold at night even in summer from what I understand. In northernmost regions of South America (e.g. Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela) temperatures are not the problem, but there is a rainy season starting in December and you might want to avoid this time.


Central and North America

It seems that regions in central America should be avoided before end of December and after May. Though the further north you get the later you can consider travelling there. Hence Guatemala and southern Mexico seem to be pleasant in May and June, when I am thinking of arriving there.

In Mexico summer can naturally get really hot, which is why you might not want to travel in July and August. The north of the US on the other hand (and Canada of course) are easiest to be explored in summertime, i.e. roughly June-August. New York gets really cold in winter time occasionally and Canada is interesting only for the hardiest of winter freaks from November to March. That is why I will attempt to be there in Spring (May/ June) before I go back to the lovely European summertime…


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