Round the world – the preparation

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I have been looking into the details of the round the world trip I am about to begin in 2 months time for some weeks now. The plan is to go to Asia, North- and South America and of course central America too.

It is amazing how much one has to think about. And for anybody who plans to do something like this my advice surely is to start in time. The Visa for India for example have not arrived yet and I am somewhat nervous if everything went well with posting my passport and all to the embassy in Madrid. Maybe it was a mistake to try getting it in Spain, but that I will know in a couple of days I guess.

The visas for Laos and Cambodia and also for Vietnam I will arrange once I arrive in Bangkok. Thailand is the only place on my travel that I have already been to. And in a way it was intentional to make it the first leg of my journey. I was going to start in South America originally, but I reconsidered for three reasons: 1) the weather (it would be earliest spring in Argentina and Chile if I had arrived there in September, and in accordance to the interwebs still too cold in the very south) and 2) I was not sure if my good fellow Björn still lives in Vietnam, had I been there as one of the last stations on my journey. Finally 3) it is going to be somewhat more mellow and comforting to start with the good-ol’ south east asian region. The comfiest way for getting in the traveller mood, I reckon.

Travel Map Planning

Travel Map Planning

India is going to follow right after, possibly with a short trip to Nepal, since it is the perfect season to pay the kingdom of the mountains a visit. But certainly plans will change due to new events or simply because I meet some nice people I rather join to go somewhere else than I planned. But I am looking forward to explore the northern part of India. It is sure going to be annoying as hell and exciting like crazy. But when it comes to “crazy” I used my time in Morocco recently in order to pratise 😉

I got a really cheap ticket (350 €) taking me from Germany to Thailand, from there to India and on to the USA. I have some hours in Korea and hope to get a chance to have a look around in Seoul, but we’ll see.

In San Francisco I am not going to settle for two long, as I have booked a flight from LAX to Brazil for a week or so after I arrive in the US. Should be enough to get an impression and not too much time to being able to get annoyed about the US in their election time 😉

I found an inexpensive ticket for 400€ to bridge this huge distance with two stops. The reason I chose to do so is, that it will get me to south america just in time for late spring which is just perfect for my intended itineraries. 

However, from there on everything is starting to be real travelling with no further tickets booked and no fixed plans made. If affordable enough I will go far south in Argentina after a short look at Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. In the south I might change coast and travel north again within Chile’s borders. 

Probably I will do so mostly by bus and train and take some more time and a bit more chilled out approach, especially since it is going to be already the 13th country on my trip at that point. I guess pressing on is not what I want to do at that time any more. 

It was like that back in the good old times in New Zealand and Australia. One gets to a point where the motto “it’s not what you see, it’s who you meet” becomes more weight and value. At that time I might take it easy in a nice spot for a couple of weeks. On the other hand I might do just that when I reach Bolivia since it is supposedly gorgeous and freakingly cheap too. Time to sit back, do some budget calculation and see whether I am still within my plans.

I do have some detailed plans when it comes to my budget and I strongly recommend for example lonely planet to get some ideas, but also other sources you can easily google. And- of course- this blog is going to bring you detailed reports about costs and experiences. Hence I hope to become a source of information for planning your next trip.

However, after Bolivia I will know how to go on (I am going to have to know by then) and book the next flights. I might either take a plane from Peru to Panama, or Cuba. Or, depending on the current safety situation, I am going to travel to Ecuador and either on by Bus of planes to Colombia and Venezuela. Reports on the webs are somewhat contradicting and it sure looks different once I am there and especially it might change slightly until then. 

In either case, central America is going to be next, and as it looks right now Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and maybe Belize are on the list. How exactly I go about it I do not know yet. There is a chance I go to Cuba for some weeks, but that is far from certain. There are a few different ways to get from south America to Central and depending on prices I am going to chose one once I am there. That also means that the destination which I am going to arrive at in central America is not certain yet…

For sure Mexico is next eventually and depending on how I feel about it I will restrict myself to the south or pass the north into Texas. Somehow and via some undecided means of transport and route I am planning to end up in New York. If there is some money left for it at this point I am probably going to have a look at the south of Canada since it is not too far away from New York. After some 30000 kilometres of travelling at this point and after more than 20 countries I am probably going to feel that it is really very close indeed. But it might be that I am so fed up and tiered of it all by that time that I just want to take a flight home.

That of course is the interesting part of it. How will it be at that time of the journey? Will I make it all the way to New York, or am I going to go home before that for one or the another reason? how will I feel and who will I be by then? Am I finally going to be speaking Spanish? I hope so, and I really don’t mind doing it with some south american coloration instead of the castillano that surrounds me now. No- don’t mind at all… 🙂

We will see. The is the nice part of it is…not to know. Only one thing I know: it is not going to be like a 9-5 job situation and it is in no way going to be regular and repetitive or predictable in any way…


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