Travelling Morocco

2008/06/10 § Leave a comment

My latest travel was to Morocco, the first trip in a couple of years. Living abroad I have not had the urge to travel as much. But now it felt about time to get moving again…

It was pretty much as expected, with the exception that there was so much less hassling than I had anticipated. The haggle and hassle was less than in some places in Egypt for example. A pleasant surprise really. Still, one has to be prepared to see a lot of social problems that you will not find to that extend in Europe of course.

While begging occurs all the time and everywhere (and is demoralizing since you cannot help everyone- and one wonders how good it is to give money in some cases…) and shop keepers want to pressure you into a deal all in all people are kind, friendly and fun to talk to.

Sure, some simply pay you no respect and try to trick you where they can. However, the overall feeling was that of a safe coutry. Now one can wonder how much that stems from the supressive political situation in the country?

But enough of that. The trip was great and I was lucky enough to meet a guy from Scotland at the airport at Barcelona already. We ended up travelling together for some days and got along just great. Sam is a great guy and we had stimulating conversations all the time. Fortunately for me Sam was absolutely perfectly prepared, while I had not even booked any accomodation and I went without any travel guide. A perfect match therefore.

You get good deals on accomodation and also food is rather inexpensive. Spending 40 € per day you get a rather comfortable holiday with everything from food to travels included.

French would definitely be an advantage, but you get by with english and improv-sign-language.

Marrakesh is a good place to start, while Fes is a bit crazier when it comes to the hassle-industry. Both are definetly worth a trip. I finished up in Essaouria, a place by the coast. I did not find it all that fascinating, but certainly worth a stay if you are looking for a more relaxed approach to Morocco. People are more or less stress free and the town is small but lovely.

So, pack your bags and off you go. With a 90 € return ticket from Ryanair you got not much to invest in order to get a great oriental experience. If you have not been to Asia or northern Africa before you should prepare yourself to be somewhat stressed by all the people who want your money. But just keep in mind that it is a rather safe place and that people just try to make a living. 

Keep in mind to stay calm and cool and do not argue or get angry with people. My best advice is to turn deaf if someone gets on your nerves. Worked for me… 🙂

Check the picks on my webpage for some impression…


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