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Has it really take the world’s population more than 15 years to realize that there is
A) global warming, and
B) it is home-made (with a 90% chance)

Seems so, and yet, some do not really want to realize it just quite yet, e.g. the oil-lobby:,1518,463887,00.html

The attempt to deny that observed climate changes are with a great likelihood the result of human activity ressembles the following situation; imagine a patient is being told by his physician that his health is in jeopardy if he chooses to continue smoking.

The doctor says that with a 90% chance he will suffer a lethal stroke if he does not give up tobacco. The patient replies: “so what you are saying is that there is a fair chance that my dire condition is temporary and will reverse by itselfe with a chance of 10%? So why would I stop smoking then? I rather wait and see what happens!”.


I remember when I roamed the wilderness of Tasmania about 12 years or so ago. Sitting in a cabin with open fire but no TiVo, we exchangeg thoughts and stories. And I was astonished by the reaction of my traveller friends, when I began exploring their ideas on global warming. They had none! Here we were as close to nature as one might want to be, and yet my nature-loving new friends had not really much believe in this effect (if it then existet) being human-made. For that reason they seemed to have ignored the issue mostly.

After pointing out what I considered compelling evidence at the time, they were converted to my believe, and I hoped to send my disciples into the world to spread the warning words…

After coming back to urban life, I was enrolled for studies of ecology, for the reason that I felt the urge to do something. However, things developed differently. And instead of preaching to the world about the closing in of Armageddon, I now manipulate genetic material of cells in order to learn more about a species that is close to its extinction; the human race.

I am glad however that I never went into ecology. My nerves would not have stood against the pressure of human stupidity; or shall I rather (and gentlier) call it the ignorance of the human race?

Ignorance is bliss. Hence, I decided join the masses and to let the topic rest. I felt better that way. Yet, it did not stop me from getting rid of my car back and using planes instead (accidently, what can you do , and pursuing all the little (maybe useless) attempts to conserve energy and water- our two biggest problems, I reckon.

Nevertheless, now, more than 10 years down the road the whole topic grabbed me once more and I watched Al Gore’s “an inconvenient truth”. Great! Just really spot on! Watch it….while you still can.


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