Freedom from religion

2008/03/01 § 2 Comments

Warren Jeffs, a religios nutcase, has been charged with rape. He likes to have multiple women and encourages or even enforces multiple marriages of others and preaches against internet, TV and other sources of information (1).

At the same time in Sweden, 50% of all Swedes think that veils in school might be forbidden and almost 70% of all Swedes believe that there is no way to integrate “certain” groups of immigrants into Swedish society (2).

Interestingly, the American Atheists reported this week online, that Sweden is the most secularised nation on the face of the earth (3), Heja Sverige!!

In the discussion going on on the Swedish website that reported the survey, someone points to freedom of religion in order to say that we must accept veils in schools and other public places.

But where to draw the line?

Freedom of religion; does it allow nut-Jeff to have as many women as he pleases? Or does it allow parents to keep their children from life-saving medical treatment for religious reasons (Jehovah’s Witnesses).

I think not. And I do not think that religious people should have any MORE rights than the not religious thinking individuals.

When the concept of freedom of religion was developed it has been done so in the spirit of tolerance and acceptance. Sadly, nowadays it is the religious fundametalists from Bin Ladin to George Bush Jr. who put this planet in a painfull position.

It is time for the atheists to stand up and put an end to the insanity. Religious groups have proven to all of us that they cannot contain the fundamentalism amongst their followers. As we would do with any political group we have to restrict their rights, in individual cases even withdraw the acceptance as a religious organisation.

In which case they lose their rights to execute whatever crazy behaviour they want to have protected under a religious umbrella.

Meanwhile we do not have to accept intrusion into our secular freedom. We do not have to accept people to take freedom for religion in public spaces. Prayers, dress codes and religious symbols belong into the private spheres, not public.

Religion must become a private pastime. Religion can be as annoying and at times as dangerous to ones health as passive smoking- which now starts to be the reason for smoking to be outlawed.

We had it – and we demand our freedom now. Our freedom is the freedom from religion. We have a right for that in the 21st century.

Let’s make the world a secular and enlightened place- finally!

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§ 2 Responses to Freedom from religion

  • Rajan says:

    All religions practice peace and harmony and are against violence of any sort. Yet to a great extent, religious extremism has been the focus for conflicts all over the world. As such, religion should be kept away from main stream politics and religious leaders should refrain from getting involved in the administration of any country. Religion is considered divine, a matter between the person and the Almighty and as such people irrespective of whatever religious background they come from, should confine their activities within the borders of their places of worship and homes. The moment religion interferes with the administration and leaders start using race and religion in tackling the politics of the country’s affairs, there is bound to be chaos. There must be complete religious freedom and people should be free to choose whichever religion irrespective of their origins or race. Similarly there should be no compulsion for them to leave the religion and go their way. Nevertheless, the various religions coming together and discussing matters to bring about a common ground and fostering goodwill among the communities would certainly help but they should stay away from politics. By Tolerance

  • snusket says:

    “All religions practice peace and harmony and are against violence of any sort. ”

    No they teach peace. The members of these too often practice war. And the members are what makes the organization. My point being that if of 100 German soldiers in WWII 95% were christian, then it is a problem of the organization (despite the fact that the churches openly supported the war). If the organization disagrees with its members actions it must expel them. If not it is accountable.

    I like most of the rest of what you say. However, tolerance must only be granted if an organization does not commit crimes against the society it thrives in. My point being that laws must be adapted in a way that any religious organization not following this simple rule must be surveilled and possibly denied existence if they do not expel members not following the laws of the society.

    My point being, once more, that religious groupings are exempt from the basic laws of our society in many ways, and that must change! Religion must not have an exceptional role. Religion must comply or die.

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